XQQ Silicone Oven Mitts for Cooking, Baking & BBQ, Heat-Resistant Pot Holder, Long Glove With Cotton Lining, 1 Pair ( Set of 2 )Orange Color

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Size: Set of Oven Mitts (2)
Throw out your old-fashioned oven mitts and try the BEST OVEN MITTS you will ever own – The SUP non-slip silicone oven mitts. What does a Gorilla have to do with cooking?Well if you had Gorilla Grip oven mitts you would know what thrilled customers worldwide love about our product. While others may look similar, ours are hands down (pun intended) the very best on the market. So, what makes ours so special.

The softest and most malleable silicone allows the tiniest and largest of hands to easily manipulate the grip with any pot, pan, bake ware, utensil, or jar.

Go ahead and test your BBQ’d burgers and carve that turkey touching the glove directly to your family’s food because not only are our gloves easily rinsed off in water, but by buying a trusted brand, you can feel confident that they REALLY ARE made of FDA approved silicone.

Heat resistant up to 446 degrees including a quilted lining for added protection and the ultimate in comfort.
HEAT RESISTANT & WATERPROOF: Resists heat up to 446 degrees. Perfect for baking, BBQing, and turkey carving.
SOFT & MOST FLEXIBLE: Our Silicone is the Softest and Most Flexible that will Mold to Your Hand for the Most Comfortable Grip. Features 100% Cotton Lining and 100% Polyester Fill for Additional Comfort and Protection.
NON SLIP: The Best Kitchen Mitts You Will Ever Own!! World Class Brand Offers 100% Ultra Grade Silicone with a Unique Honey Comb Pattern for the Strongest Grip on the Market.
Easy to wash and use.

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