Shinymod Special Acrylic Adhesive Sticker Double Sided Foam Tape Industrial Strength Shockproof Weatherproof Dustproof Seal Mounting Tape 0.3mm x 10mm x 65-2/3ft

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Product Name: Special Acrylic Double Sided Foam Tape
Thickness: 0.3mm
Specification: Width:5mm, legth:20m (Cut desired length, width and peel side one or two to stick)
Temperature Resistance:
Material: Special acrylic adhesives, senior polyethylene foams
① Super strong adhesive at both low temperatures high temperatures
② Super high adhesion strength on nonsticky material
Stick Texture:Paper, cloth, wood, foam, tipping paper, glass, metal, plastic, polystyrene foam, etc.

① Cellphone: Fixing window glass, lens, battery, etc.
② Digital Camera Fixing lens cover, rubber tripod mount, memory card, battery, ect.
③ Auto:Banner, bumpers, nameplate, pedal, door handles, etc.
④ DIY: 3d card making, scrapbook, billboard, sign post, photo wall, photo album, ect.
⑤ Home: furniture accessories, garage, door, window repair, led light string sticking, ect.

Shinymod Special Acrylic Double Sided Foam Tape can be widely used at home, school, office, workshop, and so onWIDELY USED INDOORS AND OUTDOORS: Perfect for cellphone, LCD repair, electronics quakeproof -stickiness,furniture accessories sticking, Billboard, Advertising, Sign Post, Poster,3d Card Making, Car,Home, Office, Workshop and Garage Repair Fix and so on
ENVIRONMENTAL SAFE MATERIAL: Made of Special acrylic adhesives, senior polyethylene foams with variety thickness, non-toxic
PRO QUALITY: Very strong, sticky,firm, waterproof, dustproof, quakeproof and weathertight
DIRECTIONS: Cut desired length and peel side one and two and stick
SPECIFICATION: Long:20m, Wide:10mm, Thick:0.3mm

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