America’s First Color Changing Light-Up Lollipop! Valentine’s Day 2 pack (1 Cherry Heart + 1 Strawberry Rose) – gourmetfood

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It’s time to take your taste buds to the next level with LOLLIBRIGHT – the color changing lollipop that LIGHTS UP when you eat it! With 6 different characters and flavors, it’s fun for the whole family!

Lollibright Light-Up Lollipops replace your boring white paper lollipop stick with a color changing LED light stick. Simply unwrap the flavorful treat from its wrapper, click the light activation button, and enjoy! It’s that easy!

Try them all, and choose your favorite! Will it be Green Apple Frog, Strawberry Rose, Smiley Lemon, Orange Goldfish, Blue Raspberry Bear, or Cherry Heart?

Lollibrights are perfect for birthday parties, stocking stuffers, prizes, or just for plain fun!

Is it Safe?

Yes, our lollipops are safe to consume! Lollibright Light-Up Lollipops are manufactured in an FDA registered and HAACP certified facility. We designed Lollibrights to not break under normal or excessive use. In fact, we conducted bite force testing at a top tier independent laboratory and the results indicate no instances of breakage.

Lollibrights come with a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee! If you’re not happy with your purchase for whatever reason, we’ll refund you 100% with no questions asked. Your happiness is our #1 concern! Don’t wait! Add Lollibrights to your Amazon cart now! Sold exclusively by Evergreen Research & Marketing, LLC and its authorized dealers.

INCLUDES 2 LOLLIBRIGHTS: 1 Cherry Heart and 1 Strawberry Rose
TRADE IN THE BORING PAPER STICK FOR A COLOR-CHANGING LED LIGHT! Simply unwrap the flavorful treat from its wrapper, click the light activation button, and enjoy! It’s that easy!
FUN AND SAFE! Made with real sugar, added Vitamin C, no salt, no gluten, and NO MSG!
HOURS OF FUN! Our color changing LED light lasts for up to 72 hours, so play continues even after the candy is gone. Batteries are included and installed!
30 DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE. As a growing small business, we understand how important each and every purchase is, so your happiness is our number one concern. If you don’t love the Lollibrights, we’ll refund you 100% of your money, no questions asked.

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